How do I evaluate an experienced outside tax consultant?

If you are not satisfied with your answers from the previous two sections, engaging the services of an outside tax consultant like Murphy Property Tax Consulting may be the right course of action. But before you make that decision, you must weigh it against several factors:

  • Do you feel your property tax consultant understands the mechanisms of assessing and the assessor’s office procedures?

  • Do you feel the property tax consultant is likely to be better received by the assessor’s office as a "peer?"

  • Do you feel the property tax consultant offers you better and sounder valuation expertise?

  • Do you feel the consultant’s database (containing extensive sales, leasing and other market information) will further support your arguments before the assessor and/or Board of Equilization?

  • Do you feel the consultant will be more cost effective and/or more likely to achieve increased savings for you than hiring outside legal counsel?

Does it make sense to save on professional fees and handle my own tax appeal?

Should I hire an attorney to represent me?

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